Dear Homegrown Yogis,

Two weeks ago I was sitting at home alone feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and teary-eyed while Freida was at school.  My normal go-to…. take a midday bath, read something mindless and then get under the covers and nap.  If you know me, the answer to any question is always take a really really long nap.  That day, though, I knew that’s not what I needed and without thinking I grabbed my phone and sent out a group text:  “Is anyone available to hang out?  I just need to cry a little and lay on someone’s couch.”  In less than an hour, I was doing exactly that (thank you, Carly!) and the next day all of us from that group text met up to practice together and hang out afterwards.  I felt like a new person after those two days.

I know a lot has been written and discussed about the social implications that COVID and lock-downs have had, but here is what I’ve noticed about myself.  I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with the little bubble I’ve created this past year.  And I’m not going to lie – I’m not ready to give up the masked trips to Kroger where I can act like I don’t recognize people anymore =)  But I am ready to give up the isolation that was necessary a few months ago and that now has just become my comfort zone.  I have found it easy over the last year to do all my work alone from home, to send out texts and emails instead of make phone calls, to lose touch with people because “things are just so crazy right now.”  It’s been easy to do but it’s been hard to feel inspired and excited about things while doing it.

That group text 2 weeks ago was a start for me to come out of isolation and into connection, and it felt good.  A little awkward but good.  And as I’m sharing the need to brainstorm with teachers for studio events and to meet up with other moms to get Freida out of the house for a few hours, I realize that I was never alone.  I had just stopped reaching out.

I know that we are all still proceeding with caution and getting used to this new of life, and I also know that when you’re ready to send out that group text, there are people that are going to be so so excited to hear from you again.  And if you need a place to meet up and reconnect, a yoga class is a wonderful place to start =)

With love,