Dear Homegrown Yogis,

The past month has been an incredibly busy one… thus why our May 1st email blast is more like a Mayishhh email blast =)  We kicked off our 200 Hour Teacher Training Program with two full weekends in April, held our Grand Opening Celebration for Macon in between those weekends, revamped our class schedule for the Spring, and offered more than 160 yoga classes in Warner Robins, Macon and Perry.  It’s been a lot.  Beyond that, it’s been a month of some challenging personal conversations and tears, what feels like every end of the year school project for Freida, and a few days of feeling absolutely terrible after my 2nd vaccine shot.  It feels like I’ve been putting in an immense amount of work into every single part of my life.

Yet when I sat down to write this letter, all I could think is that this month has been an absolutely incredible one.  I feel good and strong and focused and hopeful.  When I first opened Homegrown Yoga, someone recommended Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to me.  Over the past 6 years, I think I’ve re-read it at least 6 times and here’s a sentence that always stops me: “As individuals, groups, and businesses, we’re often so busy cutting through the undergrowth we don’t even realize we’re in the wrong jungle.”  In other words, we can work very very hard and be very very busy, yet not even be working to get somewhere that we want to go. 

That quote explains why I’m feeling so good, not only in spite of, but because of the craziness of April. There have been times this month where I’ve felt uncertain if I was executing my work in the best way, but there hasn’t been a single moment when I’ve doubted that I’m not in the right jungle.  If anything, I am more sure that I’m in the right place then I have ever been before.  So for now, I keep cutting through the undergrowth – having those hard conversations, putting in the work and effort, making mistakes and learning from them – all with a sense of purpose and ease, knowing that it’s taking me to a place where I most definitely want to go.

Thank you so much to each of you who allow me and all of our teachers to do the work that we truly love to do.  Without you, there wouldn’t be a jungle for us and for that, I am eternally grateful.  

With love,