If you missed the email we sent out a few weeks regarding our Perry location, here’s a quick summary:  We currently rent our Perry studio space from the City of Perry and recently received a letter from them reading:  “The City has determined it has a need for additional space at the Perry Arts Center and with the anticipated restrictions it is not practical to continue to have tenants. Therefore, this is your notice… that your lease shall cease…”  You can read more here

Since receiving this letter, I have been researching various options in the Perry area and am grateful to many of you who have reached out to offer different ideas that we could explore.  I have given this tremendous thought and energy and can say with a sense of peace that the termination of our lease by the City is guidance for us to move in a different direction for now.  

Beginning March 1st, we will no longer be offering a regular class schedule in Perry – our final studio class there will be on February 28th. We will continue to offer monthly pop-up classes in the Perry area at some of the amazing spots we’ve come to love over the last year.   As of March 1st, we will also be expanding our Warner Robins schedule with several new class times and opening our Macon location at 2995 Vineville Avenue.

Although in my heart and gut I know that this is the best decision, I also recognize the impact that the closure has and I want to say from the bottom of my heart that I am sorry. I am sorry to the amazing Perry yogis who have supported and shown up for us with a sense of love and dedication that was the inspiration for us to set-up our second home there.  I am sorry to Allison, Holly, Jenni, Jamie, Rene’, Shellie, Candace and all the other Homegrown teachers who have invested themselves in the space and the people who fill it.  Even when things are for the best, it doesn’t mean we have to like them and I can tell you I really don’t like them right now. As always, though, we will move forward with faith, gratitude and a knowing that things always work out as they should.  

Thank you so much, and I look forward to practicing with you in our Warner Robins studio, Macon studio or one of our upcoming Perry pop-ups.  

With love,