B.K.S. Iyengar – one of the most influential yoga teachers in the world – used to say: “The minute you think you’ve arrived, you get squashed like a bug.” It’s not that the universe is out to get us (although it may feel like that at times!) but rather that it has a way of reminding us that our journey is never finished, our learning never complete, and our growth never over.  Just a few days ago, we released our new schedule for our Perry Arts Center studio.  Unfortunately we learned today that the City of Perry will be using the Arts Center for City events throughout the month, and we will not be able to enter the building when they are meeting.     

In June, these City events impact seven of our scheduled classes at the Perry Arts Center – the rest of the Perry schedule remains unchanged at this time and this does NOT affect our Warner Robins schedule.  The following classes have been cancelled in Perry:

Monday, June 1 at 6pm: Vinyasa Flow 

Tuesday, June 2 at 6pm: Beginner Yoga  

Friday, June 5 at 6pm:  Flow Down Plus 

Monday, June 15 at 6pm: Vinyasa Flow 

Tuesday, June 16 at 6pm: Beginner Yoga  

Wednesday, June 17 at 9:30am:  Vinyasa Flow

Wednesday, June 17 at 6pm: Slow Deep Stretch  

I am hopeful that these are the only dates that there will be conflicts in June but to avoid being squashed like a bug again, please make sure you always register online for classes so that you are notified of any cancellations.  

As a reminder, our full schedule beginning June 1 can now be accessed online.  Thank you for your continued patience, support and words of encouragement.  Please never hesitate to reach out to me at any time – I can be reached via email or on the studio phone line at 478.297.4023.  

With love,