Dear Homegrown Yogis,

Freida begins Kindergarten in two weeks, and everyone keeps telling me that she is going to grow so much this year that I won’t believe it.  I can only imagine because as I look back at just the last few months all I see is her growth. After a month of crying through swim lessons, she is swimming “like a big kid” all on her own.  And our night-time ritual of bedtime reading is no longer my job – now Freida has taken that over.

Freida’s days seem to be filled with challenge after challenge that require her to grow. My life on the other hand doesn’t put these types of challenges in my path every day.  I think I speak for many of us adults when I write that opportunities for growth have become somewhat optional. On a day-to-day basis, I can operate almost exclusively in my comfort zone.  I can spend the day between my house and the studio – both places that feel like home to me. I can talk to the same people, eat the same things and do the same job that I have been doing for years now.  

One of the central principles of Baptiste Power Yoga – the style of yoga that I love and teach – is: “Growth is the most important thing there is.”  When I first started practicing Baptiste Yoga, it was this quality that made me fall in love with it. I knew that no matter how long I practiced, there would never be a time that I didn’t grow mentally, physically and spiritually when I stepped on my mat.  For me, my yoga practice is what swim lessons, school, and new kids are to Freida – it is a challenge that requires my growth.  

Yet as I see Freida growing, I’ve come to realize that I haven’t been so committed to my own growth off my yoga mat.  So this month that changes: I’ve committed to a 40 day meditation practice and am signing up for a long overdue training for myself.  I’m setting new intentions for myself professionally and within my relationships. I’m not waiting for challenges to come my way but instead am seeking them out and putting them in my path.  

If you recognize yourself in what I’m writing, I invite you to make a commitment this month to your personal growth as well.  And if you need a little motivation… check out our Get Into the Groove Special for a discounted rate on our month of unlimited yoga.  Because to me, there is no better place to start growing than on your yoga mat!  

With love,