Dear Homegrown Yogis,

This past month, Brian and I took Freida to see Finding Neverland at the Grand Opera House.  At the very beginning of the play, you meet J.M. Barrie who is a Scottish playwright struggling to come up with an idea for his next big play.  He had been writing plays for years and years and although using different names and details, he comes to realize that he’s simply been repeating the same idea over and over. He then meets a widow with 4 young boys who inspire in him a return to creativity.  Now to be totally transparent, that’s where I’ll end my reference to Finding Neverland because I only saw the first half. If you ever think about bringing a 5 year old to a 7pm showing of a play, you must have a great imagination like me =)

That night, however short, sparked in me some serious self-inquiry.  How much am I creating things anew and how much am I simply repeating the same thing over and over again?  Although not a writer or artist, I think we are all creating things every single day. I’m creating the relationships in my life; I’m creating habits that make up the vast majority of my day; I’m creating a business; ultimately, I am in creation of my life, and you are too.  So the question to me seems, am I just repeating the same things over and over again in slightly different form? And if so, what could a return to dramatic creativity bring? What’s something absolutely new that I could create for myself?

That’s what March’s Bring Change Challenge is all about – it’s about you and me creating something absolutely new for ourselves.  Whether it’s something concrete like a new business or new room in your house or something more abstract like a new way you want to interact with others, we are challenging you this month to be up to something brand new.  And if you’re willing to do it, send us an email and tell us about it! Check out our social media or grab a flyer at the studio for all the details.

Here’s a little something we are creating this month.  We want to be the center for middle Georgia athletes to incorporate yoga into their training.  Through our work at Mercer and with local high schools, we are convinced that yoga not only improves immediate athletic performance (both mentally and physically) but also helps athletes long-term take care of their bodies.  On March 31st, we will be holding our first Yoga for Athletes event and from there will offer $7 drop-ins for all high school and college athletes – this special rate applies for all of our regular classes. So if you are an athlete or parent of an athlete, please think about checking us out!

Happy March to you all! We are wishing you a month of creating exactly what it is you want to see in your world… and hopefully that will include a few visits on your mat with us!

With love,