Dear Homegrown Yogis,

Last month I shared my New Year’s resolution with you.  To give up my fear of not being enough so that I could stop people pleasing, draw stronger boundaries, step out of my comfort zone and the trickiest one – wear more color! February is here and I’m checking in with myself and all of you.  How are you doing with the intentions you set for the New Year? Because all I can say about myself is I’m doing “just okay” with mine. I mean if you have seen me lately you know I am totally failing at wearing more color, and the boundaries and trying new things part are only going a little bit better than that.

So when I was scrolling through Instagram one night and came across a large graphic that read “Walk the Talk,” I stopped.  The post went on to say that there are countless people talking about living a life of compassion, love, fearlessness, and strength but how many are walking that path every single moment of their day.  The post urged people to stop talking the talk if they weren’t walking the walk. In that moment, I felt like the post was pointing a finger at me.  

Do I talk about these ideals in my teaching?  Hell yes! (by the way, I’m also trying to cuss less in 2019!)  Do I live these ideals every single moment? Heck no! (improvement already!).  Does that make me a hypocrite? I don’t believe so. Although I may not be living these ideals, I am most certainly in the work of these ideals.  I know if I only talked about or taught those things that I have mastered, I might never talk or teach again.  Even more, some of the most powerful teachers I have had are those that speak honestly about their own work – successes and failures alike.  Or as one of my favorite teachers, Neale Donald Walsch, writes: “You teach what you have to learn.”

I know that “Be in the work of talk” doesn’t have the same ring as “Walk the Talk,” but what a more realistic and empowering way for us all to continue to do our best.  Whether the past month has been everything you were hoping for or nothing like you expected, I encourage you to stay in the work of it – I know I will be in there doing it!

And P.S.  We have a free information session for our 2019 Yoga Teacher Training Program coming up on February 15th.  Even if you may not feel ready right now – if you’re willing to do the work, you are ready! Come learn more about it and see what you think!

Wishing you another month of growth and transformational work!  

With love,