Dear Homegrown Yogis,

The past month of my life has been amazing.  I almost feel obnoxious writing that sentence, but it has simply been one of the happiest and most beautiful months I can ever remember.  We graduated our first class of teacher trainees who all taught exceptional final classes.  I have felt immense love in my relationships, and I have given immense love.  I’ve woken up with clear glowing skin and good hair.  I mean I’m getting a little obnoxious now, right? =) But for as much as I ruminate on those bad times in my life, I want to recognize the good.  And I also want to recognize how this magical month is inspiring my intentions for the New Year:

First off, I’ve realized that fear can really mess up these amazingly magical times in my life.  There is a side of me (and it can sometimes be a very loud side) that always thinks the other shoe is going to drop when things are going well.  It sometimes even feels as those my fear grows in direct proportion to how great things are going.  In doing so not only do I ruin all the magic in that moment, but I also break one of the major yoga commandments – practice non-attachment to everything, both good and bad.

Secondly, I realized that all these wonderful things have been available to me before this month.  What really changed isn’t the circumstances of my life.  It was simply my ability to open up, go after it and be grateful for what was in my life.

It’s been perfect timing (maybe coincidence or maybe synchronicity) that I’ve been reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic while having this magical month of my own. This book is a how-to guide to living a thriving and creative life. Gilbert begins with the simple statement that creative living is “about living a life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.”  

Simply put, that’s what my own magical month has shown me and what my personal intention for 2018 is – to drop the fear and instead be curious and open to what’s been right here available to me all along.  I hope you all have your own magical and fearless start to 2018!  

With love,