Dear Homegrown Yogis,

Three days ago, I went to the doctor feeling sicker than I could ever remember – sore throat, terrible headache, uncontrollable chills and body aches. Oh, the body aches.  After a quick evaluation and one seriously long cotton swab up my nose, I was told I had the flu.  Fast forward three days as I’m sprawled out on my couch still in the same sweats I wore to the doctor and still feeling barely human.  And you know what…  I am so so so glad that I got the flu. 

For the past few weeks, I have been feeling really worn down.  First, it was just more tired than usual.  Then, my back started bothering me.  My husband and I kept talking about going away for a weekend to recharge, and my mom kept bugging me to let her keep my little girl for a night.  “We will figure out a time soon” was what I kept saying.

The same day the flu hit me, I got a phone call from someone close to me.  He had just had his annual physical and got some news that scared him.  He said to me that he knows if he doesn’t change his lifestyle, he is going to have a heart attack and that will be his wake-up call.  But he jokingly said, it’s the 21st Century.  This physical can be his wake-up text.  It’s time to change.

I have always believed that the universe provides us with what we need.  For this someone close to me, it was scary news that has him ready to make changes to his eating and lifestyle.  For me, it was a knock-me-down virus that gave me a child-free weekend with my husband to watch Scandal and lay on the couch.  Maybe it’s not the magical weekend away that we wanted, but it is most definitely the quiet rest we needed. 

The flu has been yet another reminder for me to trust in what I receive and to listen to what it is telling me.  And it has been yet another example of how the universe provides me with exactly what I need, even if it’s not exactly how I expected it. 

With love and recovering health =)