Dear Homegrown Yogis,

I had a feeling our #YogaEveryDamnDay Challenge would be fun!  Although yoga is based on an environment of non-competitiveness, everyone (including yogis!) likes a personal challenge.  While I knew that people would enjoy the challenge, I could not have imagined the level of commitment that I witnessed.  We had 35 participants in the challenge with 14 successfully completing it, and 734 yoga classes completed over 40 days.

Why this amazing sense of enthusiasm and commitment?  As some will say, it was all for the stickers and challenge shirt! I, on the other hand, suggest that maybe another force was at work.  I think when someone commits to a regular yoga practice – really commits themselves to it – they start to feel the magic of it and it makes them want to show up. I know that’s what got me hooked.  There was something in my body that told me this practice was working – I couldn’t place exactly what it was, but I knew I felt really really good.  Not the kind of good that having a nice dinner and glass of wine makes me feel (which is also good!) but the kind of good you feel when you know you are on your path.

Spring is a time of year that inspires us to clean out the old and plant the new.  As you make these decisions, I offer up a suggestion – pay attention to how you feel when you get rid of old habits and introduce new ones.  Deep-down does each one make you feel good, whether physically, mentally or spiritually?  It may be challenging and tough, but does it give you that deep-down feeling of goodness and peace?  If so, it sounds like it is something worthy of your commitment.

There is a yoga maxim you have likely heard in class or seen on social media: “Listen to your body.  It’s smarter than you.” This month, try it out – listen to your body and see where it may lead you!

With love,