Dear Homegrown Yogis,

Two words have dominated my house since Sunday, December 25th – BARBIE and DREAMHOUSE.  Before the Barbie Dreamhouse had been opened and assembled (which took 3+ hours in case you were wondering!) I was so excited about it.  There is a huge chandelier in the bedroom, a toilet that actually flushes, a working elevator and a pool.  It is 4 feet by 3 feet of total pink glamour.

I expected my 3-year-old Freida to be excited about it, but I did not expect the Barbie Dreamhouse to consume every second of our lives. From the moment Freida’s eyes open in the morning, she gets out of bed, takes my hand and says “Let’s play Barbie Dreamhouse.”  She then describes exactly what she wants to happen:  “Mommy – you are going to walk your Barbie into the house and not be able to find me.  You’re going to say – Barbie, are you home?  Then, you are going to go into the kitchen, look in the refrigerator and pour a glass of water.  I’m then going to walk my Barbie into the kitchen and …” It goes on and on and on.

I will sometimes go off story just to see if Freida remembers her 10 minute narrative.  The very second you go off her script, she catches you (and is not very pleased with you!)   As exhausting as the past week has been with Freida’s non-stop imagination, it has also inspired me in my own work.  By day I have been playing, and by night I’ve been working on my goals for 2017.  And what I have found is that Freida may just have the key to making my 2017 goals a reality.

For those of you who attended our New Year’s Day workshop, you explored the idea of manifesting.  Manifesting means that you purposefully create what you want in your life, whether that be tangible things, professional opportunities, a relationship or peace of mind.  Manifesting is not a passive process but rather something that demands intention, courage and yes, IMAGINATION.

Why?  Because before you can create what you want, you must imagine and see what you want.  The more detailed and vivid the image, the better.  If you can close your eyes and imagine what you want with clarity and detail, you not only create a map for yourself of where to go but you also create the most powerful motivation there is – a dream that you can see and feel and know is real.

I encourage you all to tap into your wildest imagination this month to manifest what you want to create in the New Year.  And if you need some inspiration, just ask your inner 3 year old – they seem to have it all figured out!

Happy New Year!

With love,