Dear Homegrown Yogis,

I can hardly believe the summer is coming to an end!   I am currently at the beach enjoying the last bit of time before school begins, and I can no longer use the line “I’ll do that once Freida is back in school.”  The end of summer always makes me a little sad as I say goodbye to unstructured days and hello to school calendars and getting back into the groove of life.

There is also a part of me, however, that is excited about getting back into my weekly routine.  Excited about eating our meals at a regular time and having an early bedtime again.  And yes – excited to have some child-free hours to get on my yoga mat in the morning!  I oftentimes hear that routine is important for children as it gives them a sense of structure and familiarity.  I would go beyond that and say that routine is important for all of us.

There is a term we often use in yoga, “tapas.”  It is the yogic practice of self-discipline and refers to a fiery focus on achieving one’s goals.  It is coming to your yoga mat when you would rather watch TV; it is working through your lunchbreak to do the best you can on a presentation; and it is holding back when you want to quickly fire off in anger.  It is not always easy, but it is always worth out.

This month, I invite you to bring “tapas” into your yoga practice.  For the month of August, we are discounting our monthly unlimited package from $120 to $99.  This “Get Back Into The Groove Special” serves as encouragement to get you back on your mat regularly.  And to provide you with even more incentive, anyone who attends 20 yoga classes over those 30 days will have the option to purchase an additional month of unlimited yoga for only $95.

In the first yoga studio I ever walked into, there was a huge sign on the wall:

“If you practice yoga once a week, you will change your mind.
If you practice yoga twice a week, you will change your body.
If you practice yoga every day, you will change your life.”

As I committed myself to a yoga practice, I saw how this quote delivered on its promise.  I invite you to get in the groove with us and see what yoga can do for you!

With love,